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Lleida can be a centre of interest for audiovisual production due to its top quality facilities and equipment. With this initiative we are sensitive to the need to obtain, as soon as possible, an employment exchange that offers technical guarantees for companies working in these facilities.

The jobs related to broadcasting, film and especially television, can be easily divided into what is involved in pre-production (writers, producers, art directors, photographers, composers, designers ...) with a long career of training, and also those incorporated in the production (electricians, assemblers, operators, designers, technicians ...), with specialized training. The professionals value experience, skills and behaviour, and this should further the professional activity to be offered from MAGICAL.

This initiative, which is of interest to all the project's economic agents, will aim to achieve an industrial network that allows maximum mobility, which allows us to cover the areas that although essential, are not provided.

On the one hand, the available technology requires highly skilled operators, specialists in specific subjects, such as sound production for film, digital cinema post-production or camera operation. In the same way that production possibilities can offer clients a local technician, it can also provide facilities for their professional work. These specialties, with a professional requirement that an applicant requires a solid base (professional or training) are not readily available to students, since it is impossible to offer them in public centres, and professionals have to accumulate many sessions to get enough experience. The MAGICAL training area offers three specialization courses, private and intensive training about some jobs that have not been designed exclusively for MAGICAL, but must assume entering the professional sector of quality wherever a production is made.

In addition, specialty training in production and games and multimedia is also offered, which are necessary, the first to develop any type of content from the business focus and the second to release digital productions with computers, as it is a developing industry that provides distribution and expressive spaces that are the core of the future of the audiovisual sector. We insist on the value of collaborative work between schools with vocational fields that involve audiovisual, to enhance the knowledge of the trade from others and to form teams thanks to this professional contact in order to achieve projects with more commercial significance.

This allows us to know the quality of the employment exchange and the services companies to establish themselves permanently, and obtain a measure of the capacity of the local production that could also target the area of formats and provide contrasting services to the customers of MAGICAL. All this without forgetting the recruitment of talented people, artists and professionals that offer added value based on professional competence, quality and creative originality.

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